Saturday, September 13, 2008


These are my climbing peas which I'm just starting to get a crop from. Very tasty and fun to grow.

I planted these guys ages ago (Feb I think) and I am now just starting to use them. They were easy to grow and I'll definitely be planting more.

I read that carrot and leek make good companion plants and it was suggested to plant a row of carrots between the leek. I gave it a go and it is working really well.


Anonymous said...

Hi Stewart. I too plant leeks with my carrots, something about helping the carrots grow much better I think. Whatever it was, like you, I found it works brilliantly!


Cathode said...

My leeks look pathetic compared to yours!
Mind you I was getting depressed about their slow growth and only just found out they take 9mths to harvest!