Saturday, December 27, 2008

Post Christmas Post. 1.

Hi all, I've just got my Five colour Silverbeet, Listada Di Gandia Eggplant, Rouge D'Hiver Cos Lettuce(red brown var.) and Red Iceberg planted out from their punnets so now I can do so post posting.

Christmas Day

Starting with my new camera that I got from Santa(aka me) so all photos from here on will be taken with my new da da Samsung S860. Except this one because I couldn't work out how to take a photo of the camera.

Once I worked out how to use it I've found it to be a good little camera.

Just staying with the veggie theme, here is a rundown of what the vg supplied for Christmas.

First was Christmas lunch which was a roast cooked by my lovely wife using the King Edward potato's I planted in September.

Now I've never grown these guys before and had no idea what to expect.
So when I dug the first few I was surprised to find they were coloured and lumpy or deep set eyes (see below).
Anyhow we just cleaned them up and roasted them skin and all and I've got to say that they were the best baked spuds I eaten for eons. (patting self on back again)

Carrots, say no more yummm.
Roasted of course.

The next best vg surprise for me was the Lazy Housewife Beans which again are a first for me. I didn't particularly like them fresh off the vine when I tried them, but had hoped hey would cook up into a nice tasty bean, which, thankfully they did.

Here's the spoils before going into the kitchen.

More to come on the festive vg season then back to some more down to earth gardening.


Veggie Gnome said...

Looking very good! Well done!
It is extremely satisfying to harvest your own food! :)

Peggy said...

Hi Stewart, great to have your own veg for Christmas.Unless we have enough stored which did'nt, then sprouts and parsnips was our total but it was better than nothing. best wishes for 2009

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