Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Post Christmas Post. Final

Boxing Day Dinner

OK the last Post Christmas Post.
The return of the Pink Eyes.
The Pink Eye potato's planted in September offered themselves (with a little help from a digging fork)up for the yummiest potato salad I've ever tasted.
My lovely wife put it together and after 17 years of marriage I think she's been holding out on me because this was really good, just hope I don't have to wait another 17 years for the next potato salad sensation

Being Christmas there is always to much ham so with another salad my step daughter put together and with the yummiest potato salad ever dinner was just delicious.

Next post will be some real gardening news all about the dreaded blossom end rot on tomato's.



Deb Halls said...

I hate looking at your blog. It always makes me hungry.

Stewart said...

It's supposed to be inspirational.

Susan said...

Hi Stewart,
Am still rambling through your postings - good stuff!
Did you ever persuade your wife to publish her yummy looking potato salad recipe? If so, I'd really love to see it. It looks so much more hearty than mine, and with your description of it, well ... in anticipation :)