Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pouring oil into refrigerators

The following article was made available to me from the October edition of Warm Earth Magazines e-mail newsletter.
If you ever need a reason to justify why you grow veggies or how much time you spend growing veggies or maybe even something to inspire you to get started on growing veggies then this might help.


Pouring oil into refrigerators
Former Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson once said: "We're pouring as much oil into refrigerators as we are into our cars". This sounds an odd thing to say, but he's right. Our industrialised food system requires the equivalent of 8 barrels of oil to feed each Australian every year, while our personal transport accounts for 4.5 barrels. So, the store-bought food we buy requires nearly twice as much oil as our cars.
This also squares with an Australian Conservation Foundation study, which found that food consumption is responsible for 28% of the average Australian's greenhouse gas pollution, whereas personal and public transport accounts for only 10.5%. So, growing even some of our own food can make as great a contribution to reducing our carbon footprint as buying a bicycle.

Until next month, happy organic gardening to you all.


daisymum7 said...

Finallyc atching upon some posts.

Sorry about your punnet of lettuce I am happy though to know it isn't just me (and anyway you had two come up I had NONE!!) can I blame the viability of seeds too??

I think that is a really good article I ahve been thinking about this whole energy for food production thing and now I have an article I can direct people to.

Thanks Stewart hope the silly seaosn in cabland is kind to you.


Stewart said...

None come up hey, seed viability is a really bad problem atm, nudge nudge wink wink.
Glad you found the article interesting. It hit me between the eyes when I read it, not that I needed any more reasons to grow my own food.
Taxiland so far has been good but I've got three weeks and NYE yet.

Cabbage Heart said...

wow isnt that interesting? We all know it, yet some of us still ignore it! Blind ignorance isnt it?

Stewart said...

Hi Cabbage Heart,
My councilor asked me once, "How many psychologist does it take to change a light bulb"?
Answer, "None, the light bulb has to WANT to change".
Blind ignorance isn't it? Maybe, but it's always a choice.