Wednesday, December 3, 2008

So, ya wanna' sow some seed do ya!! update. #1

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Hi all,
I been avoiding this update due to the unmitigated failure of the seed to germinate.

It's not very clear in the photo(far left punnet) but I only had two out of six Cos lettuce seeds germinate.
Now I'm not going to blame myself because at the same time I planted up three punnets of three different Tomatoes with varying success, ie six from six, five from six and one from six.

So at this stage I'm going to blame the viability of the seed.

Now while I'm on the topic of seeds and planting I had a very productive day of seed planting yesterday.
First off was carrots of which I have not been that satisfied with the flavour of.
The current variety of carrot I've been growing is named 'All year round', so I planted two different variety's named Topweight and Early Chantenay to see if I can find a more flavorsome carrot.
If anyone has any suggestions for a more flavorsome carrot or a personal favorite, please let me know.

Also my digger's seeds arrived last week so I planted into punnets some Five colour Silverbeet, Listada Di Gandia Eggplant, Rouge D'Hiver Cos Lettuce(red brown var.) and Red Iceberg.

I also planted another couple of small rows of Beetroot Chioggia.


Veggie Gnome said...

Purple Dragon! Funky, tasty, reliable carrot. One of our all-time favourites here. If you have trouble finding seeds, give me a holler, I have plenty that I saved last season. Should still be viable. :)

Stewart said...

Hi Veggie, thanks for dropping by, I had a look and Diggers has then so I'll put them on the next seed buying expedition.

Kelly the City Mouse said...

Best of luck with the carrots. We have the most horrendous carroty luck. They take 18 years to germinate, then another decade to mature to the whopping length of about 5 cm. Whee!

Stewart said...

Hi Kelly,
That sounds heartbreakingly frustrating. I find them one of the easiest plants to grow, though it was iffy in the beginning, a bit like riding a bike I suppose, once you work out how you never forget, but it seem a lot of ppl have difficulties with growing them.
Good luck sorting them out.
If you want any help just let me know.