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Beetroot anyone. Visit Sustainable Gardening Australia.
This is an excellent web site.

There is still time to get a late crop in, in most areas.

Sustainable Gardening Australia's, Vision, Mission, Purpose & Values


Sustainable Gardening Australia envisages a world where people cultivate their gardens in sympathy with the environment by following the seasonal rhythms of the land, its ecology and climate.


Sustainable Gardening Australia works to protect and enhance the Australian environment by promoting the benefits of sustainable horticulture.

SGA Statement of Purpose

The principle purpose for which the Association is established is:

(a) the protection and enhancement of the natural environment to ensure its sustainability; and

(b) the provision of information or education, or the carrying on of research about the national environment and the practices of Sustainable Gardening.

The principle purpose is enhanced and supported by the following purposes:

(c) to continually improve the gardening practices of all Australians so that they are more appropriate to the prevailing conditions of the local, Australia and global environment;

(d) to raise awareness of the environmental issues relating to Sustainable Gardening;

(e) to reconnect people to the natural world through gardening;

(f) to encourage responsible gardening practices and design to lead gardeners to respect the earth and the reality that we share, not own the land;

(g) to formalise links with and interaction with the local government and to work with local communities to achieve environmentally sustainable outcomes relevant to that community and the local government;

(h) to provide advice to the gardening profession and home gardener on sustainable gardening practices;

(i) to ensure people develop an understanding of their connection with global communities and the indirect impacts that some gardening decisions can have on the environment well beyond their neighbourhood.

SGA Statement of Values

1. The core business of SGA is to focus on garden businesses with face-to-face contact with the home gardener and those involved in decision-making relating to private or public gardens.

2. SGA will develop business systems to ensure that gardening professionals and garden businesses provide home gardeners with accurate and consistent advice on environmentally sustainable gardening.

3. SGA will develop widely recognised standards that are effective in delivering continually improving environmentally sustainable outcomes by influencing the behaviour of gardeners.

4. SGA will develop extensive Australia wide market-awareness of sustainable gardening that has the twin aim of an uncomplicated and environmentally sustainable gardening outcome and genuine value.

5. SGA as an organisation is to be ethical, decisive, focused and effective, compassionate and flexible while continually adapting to changing circumstances.

6. The culture of SGA and the systems of SGA will enable and encourage those people committed to reducing environmental damage to have the opportunity to contribute to the organisation and to communicate without fear or favour.

7. The goal of SGA is to maximise numbers in all categories of subscription for all people and organisations that have genuine environmental values.

8. The team culture of SGA will prioritise environmentally sustainable objectives over the interests of the individual.

9. SGA will have a financially conservative culture always focused on protecting the long-term effectiveness and financial independence of SGA.

10. SGA will work collaboratively, not competitively, to reduce potential environmental damage caused by gardening products and practices.

11. SGA will maximise the environmental value to home gardeners, garden businesses in the community, sponsors of SGA, the Government and other parties by delivering real and not perceived outcomes. SGA wishes to ensure that the total dollar invested in the environment by the community is most effectively spent.

12. SGA will not be unduly influenced by single-issue groups or vested interests and will always address the totality of environmental problems that relate to all gardening products and practices in a balanced way.

13. SGA will be continually looking at the long term and at the present so that the development of SGA will not be compromised by short-term enticements.

14. SGA will encourage innovation in the garden industry.

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