Friday, March 20, 2009

Green Harvest time

I'm lovin' these guys.

I placed my order with Green Harvest on Tuesday evening, received e-mail confirmation on Wednesday evening saying my parcel had been posted.

Parcel arrived at my front door lunch time Thursday.

How good is that?

Whoo woo, empty box full of potential!!!

First out of the box is two packets of seed.

#1 is Spinach 'Bloomsdale', an English spinach for cool weather.
It prefers a rich well drained soil with added compost, so I better get cracking with the soil prep.
#2 Is Beetroot 'Detroit', not much to say, just a good beetroot variety.
Beetroot is a heavy feeder so I'll be adding plenty of compost and Rooster Booster before I plant a Autnmn crop.

Next is the Garlic. Allium sativum

'Italian White', is a softneck garlic which does not produce a flower stem (more on softneck and hardneck in next post).

More 'Italian White', six bulbs all together leading to approx 48 cloves to plant.

Then the Shallots. Allium cepa var. aggregatum syn. Allium ascalonicum
Synonyms include Golden of French Shallots, Eschallot, Potato Onion.

I've never grown these before so I'll be keeping a curious eye on them as they progress.

According to Green Harvest the bulbs are a culinary onion with a superb mild flavour. They can be eaten raw, boiled, baked, or fried. Golden shallots are long keeping and will store for up to 12 months.

Last but not least, more Garlic.

'Monaro Purple' is a hardneck or top setting variety which usually produces a flower stem in early summer.
It is suitable only for cooler areas (I hoping I'm cool enough here, fingers crossed, time will tell. I know I get bloody cold).

So there you go three thumbs up for Green Harvest.

PS. At the time of writing this I could not connect to the green harvest web site, I'm assuming they are having server trouble.
So if the link does not work, please come back and try again at a later date.


Anonymous said...

Shallots taste great! I love 'em. I'm growing some now for the first time....I'll let you know how I did.

Deb Halls said...

Hmmmm, looks like you're going to be a busy boy.
Have you got any of this rain that's been pelting down here for the last day or so?

Stewart said...

Hi Deb, err, what's rain?

Conservative Gardener,Thanks mate any tips will be appreciated. Your place is looking good too btw.

Deb Halls said...

It's that wet stuff that I hear falling on my roof every time I think I'll walk the dog down to the polling booth to vote, thereby killing about 4 birds with one stone, (1/ walk the dog 2/ get some exercise so I stop getting fat 3/save the planet by not using the car, 4/ be a responsible citizen and vote), but I ain't prepared to kill birds and get wet at the same time. I'd be happy to send it your way.

Stewart said...

Ooh, I'm feeling sorry for dem birds!