Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The life and times of Cauliflower, 'Violet Sicilian' and Broccoli, 'Romanesco'. Last Friday

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Last Friday I did a little prep work for planting my Broccoli, 'Romanesco' and Cauliflower, 'Violet Sicilian'.

Being not entirely happy with their progress in the potting mix I decided it was bath time for these little baby's.
Just a half strength fish and seeweed mixture and a soak for and hour or two.

Talk about spoilt, I usually only give a half a bucket of compost, but these guys will get a whole bucket each.

Never heard of a plant that died from too much compost. Just ask the runaway pumpkin growing out of the compost pile.

Rooster Booster praise. Even the bag is bio degradable.
BFA Registered Product

A half a hand full per sq mtr should do it.

Just need some dolomite to help curb club root.

A half a hand full again.

Ready to turn in.

All turned in watered and ready for planting.

How do think they will go?


Scarecrow said...

They should power away with all that lot!
Love the Rooster Booster, mine just get Henny Helper from our chooks.

greenfumb said...

Brilliantly I hope. I am a couple of weeks behind you so I will follow your example when mine are ready to plant out. Great work. x deb

Stewart said...

Ha ha ha I like that Henny Helper.

Hi, thanks Deb.

Peggy said...

Hi Stewart, any of the brand names mentioned are unknowns here. What does Dolomite consist of, clubroot is something I have heard of and as I will be planting out brassicas anything I can add would be welcome.