Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ode to the Hibiscus Bush

I know I said I'd be posting about Softneck and Hardneck Garlic in my next post, but I came across this Hibiscus just down the road from me yesterday and felt inspired to share it with you all.

It's such a cheerful flower I hope you all enjoy it.

We can just get away with growing Hibiscus here in Toowoomba, but they do need a protected spot in the garden to do well.

I'm going to try and propagate some cuttings for
my own garden, so wish me luck.

And here's what my Sister from Wild Honey Photography can do with a photo.
She's so clever.

Edited on Sat 21st of March at 11.45 AM; Deb did want me to mention this was done pretty much on the fly and is not an example of her best work.

Ode to the Hibiscus Bush

The tranquility of valley hills,
Allows the mind to wander like the clouds,
Above the tree tops with their many thrills,
As nervous leaves rustle in mystic shrouds.
They shadow time each passing day anew,
And patiently wait for the rising sun,
To fill their chlorophyll sacs to the brim;
They thirst for summer rains and morning dew,
To spark their blooms before the day is done,
With Hawaiian pride that glows from each limb.

There are gardens ablaze with rainbow hue;
Around mansions tall and at cottage doors,
Bringing hope to the soul with every view,
These gems of nature, everyone adores
The blooms of hibiscus, across the land,
Are apparels of celestial light!
Heavenly bliss wrapped up in each flower;
Displays the glory of God’ master plan;
For we are never alone in His sight,
And each flower that opens shows His power.

It is not uncommon to see, intense
Malvaceae plants, just like rails on display,
As growing walls of glamorous defence!
The privacy of folks sustained each day,
From prying eyes, this veil of green and blooms,
Provokes no scorn but deep admiration;
Hibiscus fences do make good neighbours,
Their funnel shaped flowers craft grand costumes,
And do arouse an investigation,
Into their floral extract and colours.

Their calypso tones, you know very well;
With petals of exaggerated pride,
And self-confidence, does within them dwell;
For their Latin roots are not brushed aside,
So the scentless hibiscus, we respect
Their photosynthesizing in the light,
As growers do hybrid engineering,
So their shades and sizes become perfect,
With petals of culinary delight;
No wonder, folks find them mesmerising.

From Asia, and the Pacific islands,
Hibiscus bush! You have roamed from your home;
To Hawaii, the Caribbean lands,
And Whangaparaoa’s rich coastal loam,
There you blossom truly with little care,
To flaunt your deep green leaves, and lavish hues,
In sub-tropical breeze and torrid peeves;
Single or double petals, as you choose
From your many species, you wear with flair;
The ant cuddles up to your feet, and leaves.

Humming birds with branching turns, pirouette,
To catch pollen dust, from your golden-wand;
More alluring, and bright than a rosette,
And your therapeutic worth is so fond.
What leaf-fringed legend haunts about your bush,
Of heart disease, cholesterol and tea,
And how hibiscus takes fat from the tush
In China lands, and in the West Indies!
What glint of truth, is in any of these
Herbal cook ups, served from a potpourri?


Deb Halls said...

Err, thanks. I think you should have mentioned that it was a rough and ready two minute job. lol.

Still raining here. Haven't voted yet. The dog and I are sitting here getting fatter and lazier by the minute!

Nice touch with the audio of the poem. I enjoyed it.

Stewart said...

Thanks Deb, amazing what you can find on the internet.

Deb Halls said...

Hehe, thanks for the edit.

daisymum7 said...

I love hibiscus and that one is a beauty. Good luck with the porpagation - they can come here for a winter holiday if they need to get started.