Sunday, March 8, 2009

Soft or hard?


Veggie Gnome said...

LOL! Good one.

BTW, I have given you an award. Instructions are on my blog, if you'd like to accept it. :)

Dennis said...

So.....did you get some rain from Hamish?

Stewart said...

Dennis, still waiting. They are calling it a decaying low so my guess is we will get some rain but nowhere near enough to help our depleted dams.

Tropical Cyclone Hamish is expected to slow down and gradually weaken over the
next day or so before moving slowly north-westwards as a decaying low. At the
same time the high over the Bight area will move into the Tasman Sea and
continue to move eastwards reaching the New Zealand area on Saturday. The
remains of Tropical Cyclone Hamish will spread rain and shower activity across
most of the south-east on Thursday. Some moderate to heavy falls will occur with
this rain especially near the low. This rain and shower activity will continue
through Friday as an upper trough moves into the south-east of the state. This
upper trough will pass seawards overnight Friday. As a result only a few showers
will occur about the south-east of the state on Saturday and Sunday and then
mainly near the coast.