Monday, March 23, 2009

That's100% Bullsh*t mate

That's pure Poll Hereford bullsh*t, that's what this is, not just any old ordinary bullsh*t.

Seriously, good cow manure is hard to come by around here, or at least I find it hard to find.

So when an add came up in the local paper for cow manure at$5.00 a bag I decided to give it a go.

About four hours later I had four bags of his finest and he had 20 of my best dollars.

I spread a little around on a few things to see how it would wet up in the soil (some manures can be notoriously water repellent) after watering and so far everything is just fine and dandy.

I've got a lot of soil prep work ahead of me so I don't see it lasting very long and I'm hoping the worms will just love it.

Now, why is it when you go to the nursery to buy one thing, find out they haven't got what you want and the next thing you know you walk out with something else?

A Blueberry no less.

Ah well, I always wanted one I suppose.

Monday mulching madness, sorry I can't help half good alliteration.

But yes, I spent most of Monday morning mulching my way through my Autumn prunings.

I'm about half way through so it looks like I have another Monday mulching madness to go through and another chance at a half good alliteration.

PS. For anyone waiting I promise to have my garlic post up on Wednesday.


tina said...

I'll look forward to your garlic post.

Kim and Victoria said...

Ahhhh, nice bullsh*it! ;-)
We'll be using mushroom compost.
Looks like you have the same mulcher we have.

Lucky-1 said...

You have a lot of crap going on in your garden.....LOL