Sunday, March 15, 2009

Three thumb's up Italian Tomato

Oh dear, what have I done?

After years of professional jealousy I've finally let curiosity get the better of me and decided to try Burke's Backyard Italian Tomato (voted best home grown tomato).

And damn it, it's a pretty good Tomato.
Easy to grow with reasonable vigor and disease resistance. I'm not sure of potential yield per bush as I didn't give it the best of growing conditions, but even where I have planted it I look like getting at least 10 to 15 medium Tomatoes from the one bush.

From Burke's Backyard fact sheet.

Burke's Backyard Italian Tomato

A form of the popular Rouge de Marmande, the Burke's Backyard Italian Tomato is a large fruited, ribbed variety which is delicious eaten fresh in salads or on sandwiches.

It is an early fruiting tomato variety that will grow well in cool or warm districts. Being a tall grower (called indeterminate) it needs to be staked when grown in the garden.

It does have a very classic 'tomatoey', taste and is easy to slice without being over juicy making it tops for sandwiches and I suspect salads.

As for other uses like sauces and jams I'll let you know next year when I try a few more of these beauties.

Easily passed the corned beef and tomato
sandwich test.

Highly recommended.
Cheers and happy veggie gardening

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Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Hi Stewart they look fantastic, yummie. / Tyra

Daphne said...

Those look so delicious. Yum. Here in the other hemisphere I haven't even started my tomatoes yet. Soon.

Stewart said...

Hi Daphne, here's wishing you have a bountiful harvest when you do.

Thanks Tyra, Nothing beats eating your own produce, I think you appreciate it more after the work you put in to get it to the table. Plus there is so much you can put it on as thick as you like :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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