Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tropical Cyclone Hamish

Google map of Toowoomba's water supply dams.

Toowoomba is a little further SW on the Google map and from that corner of the map is the first of our three dams called Cooby dam.
Next heading north east is Perserverance dam and then our biggest is Cressbrook dam. The combined dam level, after 4/5 yrs of sever drought and even more years of below average rainfall, is sitting at 10% full of 90% empty.

Just to explain why I'm just a little excited about the following weather forecast, even though it has the potential to cause damage and disruption to large parts of coastal areas or Queensland, it's also one of our (Toowoomba's) few chances of receiving enough rainfall to create inflow into our water storage dams from our creeks and streams. Toowoomba being roughly 200/250km's inland from the coast.

The last major inflow was in 2001 and before that was 1996.
We (Toowoomba and surrounding residents, approx 120000 ppl)have been on sever level 5 water restrictions for at least 5 years now and some form of water restriction for as long as I can remember.
So it is I am looking forward to this cyclone with hope and anticipation.
If we do receive some decent rainfall (200/250mm+) then it will be nice to hook up a few hoses to the taps and water the veggie garden.
Issued at 11:35am on Saturday the 7th of March 2009
for the rest of Saturday and Sunday
Rain areas with some moderate to heavy falls developing about the coast and
adjacent inland between Townsville and Mackay tonight and spreading southwards
to the Bundaberg area on Sunday. Isolated afternoon showers over adjacent inland
parts of the eastern districts. Isolated afternoon thunderstorms over the Cape
York Peninsula. Isolated showers over the SE corner, becoming more frequent late
on Sunday. Fine elsewhere. Winds mostly moderate W to NW over the tropics,
tending fresh to strong E/SE elsewhere along the coast, and increasing to gale
force in the vicinity of the cyclone.

TC Hamish will dominate the weather across most of the east coast of Queensland
into middle of next week. The cyclone will most likely cross the Capricornia or
the Wide Bay coast on Tuesday. Cloud and rain areas with moderate to heavy falls
associated with the cyclone will affect the coast and adjacent inland areas
between Townsville and Mackay during the weekend, and then spread southwards
between Mackay and SE corner on Monday and Tuesday. Strong winds will continue
along the central and south coast, easing to the north of about Bowen by late
Monday. Hazardous beach conditions and dangerous surf are expected along the
coast south of about Fraser Island on Tuesday.
In the wake of the rain, sultry conditions will occur over tropical and central
coast areas from Monday with just isolated afternoon showers and possible storms
over the Cape York Peninsula. An upper trough will extend into southwest
Queensland with very isolated afternoon showers and thunderstorms on Monday and
Tuesday. Fine conditions continuing elsewhere.

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daisymum7 said...

I pray the wind blows loads of rain your way Stewart I know how dire the situation is up there.

For nayone in the path of Hamish - keep your head down and the emergency supplies well stocked.