Saturday, September 12, 2009

My big word for today #2!!!

From September 11.

John Howard remarks "In taking political mendacity to new heights.....".



–noun, plural -ties for 2.
1. the quality of being mendacious; untruthfulness; tendency to lie.
2. an instance of lying; falsehood.

1640-50; = mendācitās falsehood, equiv. to L mendāci- (s. of mendāx) given to lying, false + -tās -ty 2

1, 2. deception, lie, untruth, deceit.

Wow is this a mega slap in the face to Kevin Rudd or sour grapes from John Howard?

It seems like a pretty low blow to me!

Hey this is fun. Some real action for a change. Here is what Julia Gillard has to say in response to my big word of the day.

JULIA Gillard has hit back at John Howard over his claim that Kevin Rudd's denial of economic reforms under the Howard-Costello government represented political "mendacity", portraying the former prime minister himself as being mendacious and having a "contemptuous attitude to telling Australians the truth".

Read full story here.

If you keep reading Julia's story you might find my neat big word for the day. Here is a hint: it starts with d

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Anonymous said...

lol - rich coming from the man who swore refugees were using their children as shields against navy ships by throwing them into the water.

Stewart said...

stinginthetail. I guess he should know the mwaning of the word!!

Stewart said...

oops that should be 'meaning' not mwaning.

donna said...

I know very little of the politics in your country, but I do like the word mendacity. Interesting blog you have going on here.

Stewart said...

Hi Donna, thank-you very much!