Wednesday, November 4, 2009

34 bloody degrees

Well now, what can I say, it's 34 bloody degrees I just got home from the Toga and once again I have planted seeds (direct sown) on the strength of the weather forecast for showers and storms for the rest of the week. The last rain event Monday week ago netted 42 mls of rain but the ground was so dry and the rain fell so fast that it is all but dry again, all be it a bit greener.

From the last lot of sowing I now have baby corn, bok choy, beans, beetroot, kolhrabi, rock melon and a few drunken women lettuce. The fennel is not up and the carrots are about five strong from a five foot row.

Planted today was some more lettuce (great lakes), carrots (fingers crossed), more fennel, baby watermelon, rock melon, violet bush beans, bok choy. I also have some squash and zucchini seedlings I planted after the rain that have come up as well. Some lemon cucumber seeds I planted seems to have failed, that's my third go now so it looks like my seed is stuffed.

Potatoes are flourishing and I've started to harvest zucchini from two bushes I planted earlier on.

That's about it for the community gardens. I have made plans with one of the other gardeners down there to plant 'baked beans', bean seeds so I'll keep you posted on how that goes.


Cheers Stewart


greenfumb said...

39 in my car yesterday when I went home. Who says there's no such thing as global warming!

Sylvana said...

I like your first picture, very dramatic.

belinda said...

Sure hope you got that rain. Good Luck, it really seems to be shaping up to be a challenging year this year.

Kind Regards

Stewart said...

Hi greenfumb, yeah, something has to be melting the ice.

Hi Sylvana, thank-you.

Hi Belinda, This year is making last year look like a walk in the park!