Thursday, November 26, 2009

All I want for Christmas

It's less than a month to Christmas and I'm finalizing my wish list to Santa. I've been a really good boy all year and have spent all year putting all the extra silver coins I get from my Taxi income into a Christmas club account and atm I have enough money for the pump (top of the list and a definite gunna get) and one other.

Either a nice stainless spade (nothing feels better than working in the garden with a good quality tool) or another compost bin (I can never make enough compost with just one bin). It'll probably come down to the toss of a coin in the end unless I get a rush of silver coins in the last month (it's a close call) to Christmas.

Here's hoping Santa's good to you!!



1 comment:

Ramsey said...

You will have to be extra happy and polite to all those in your cab and hope that the tips increase. I hope that you don't have to make a decision and get the pump, the compost bin and the spade. All useful long lasting items.
Here is hoping for a bumper tip season for Stewart!