Thursday, November 5, 2009


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How exquisite is this?
I've been so busy with the veggie garden that I nearly let this one slip by without noticing it. It is a member from the Iris family and grows well in the shade but that is about all I know about it, having lifted it from someone elses garden!

Also damn, damn and double damn again. We just had a storm run past Toowoomba about 6 k's to the SW of us, arrrggguuuuhhhhh. What have we got to do? Next one maybe, huh!!!


donna said...

I've never grown an iris but many, many bloggers do and I've admired all the photos, but....I've never seen an iris as unusual or as beautiful as this one you have. You must find out the name.

Stewart said...

Hi donna, I stopped being lazy and found this info about what I think is my plant. Just copy and past the link and you should have all you need to know about it.

Many thanks

Deb Halls said...

That's beautiful. It looks like an orchid.

Stewart said...

Hi Deb, yep it looks very orchidish, that's fur sure.