Friday, January 15, 2010

genus Megachile, bee buggered

I know the damage to this rose leaf is caused by the leaf cutter bee (genus Megachile) and I'm not in the least bit concerned by the damage it causes, I quite like it actually, but what drives me mad is that I've never seen a leaf cutter bee in action.

According to Aussie Bee Bulletin Issue 9 they are a native bee and they get their name from the way in which they cut neat pieces of leaf for building materials and weave these materials into tiny cradles for their young.

Has anyone seen one of these guys in action? Let me know.

This is a photo of a leaf cutter bee in action I lifted from the Aussie Bee web site.

Lastly I was down at the community gardens yesterday and noticed this flower. It was attached to a spindly pea/legume type plant, but a stunning flower up close.




catmint said...

nope - never seen that bee but I think I have seen its effects in the garden.

Olive said...

Hi Stewart, I have not even heard of the leaf-cutter bee until I read your post. I dont think they inhabit this part of the country, maybe only in the tropical regions?

Anonymous said...

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