Friday, January 1, 2010

River Cottage

I was introduced to Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's 'River Cottage' adventures by some bloggers who I befriended on facebook.

And during some down time through the week, due to our wet weather, I found a web site that features a lot of his TV shows. This link "Escape to river cottage", will take you back to the very beginning but I have found all of his shows (there is several series now) informative, inspiring and entertaining.

It is essentially about Hugh's experience of becoming a self sufficient small holder in Dorset, England near the coast. I find his enthusiasm, humility and honesty refreshing and also inspiring.

I also find that whenever my motivation is flagging I just have to watch an episode of two and I am reinvigorated to get back out into the garden and keep saving for my own little farmlet.

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Check it out and see what you think!


P.S. Thank-you to those responsible for putting me onto River Cottage.


greenfumb said...

I love Hugh F-W, he has been a major inspiration to me too although I wouldn't be able to kill and eat my pets the way he does.

I keep telling Hubby I want to move back the the UK so that I can live next door to him!

Happy News Year!!

Tracy said...

Hi Stewart,
I'm another HFW fan.They are great to watch when it is too wet or hot to be outside.I have also joined the River Cottage community which has a forum,blogs and q&a. It's at

Stewart said...

Hi Greenfumb, you must have a few nice valleys near you you could move to, but when I look at the Dorset countryside it sure looks tempting.
I'm with you about the animals but I thing if push came to shove I'd be able to do it.

Hi Tracry, Thanks, I get his newsletter but I'll have to look up about joining his community.

UrbanComrade said...

I'm in Australia. Totally addicted t this series.