Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Lost Seed

I recieved my newsletter from the, The Lost Seed, (Purveyor of rare & heirloom seeds, organic garden products, books, ancient cultures and essential plant oils) company the other day and along with a host of other marvelous things this one really caught my eye and is now on my to purchase list.

Being the lover of gadgets man that I seem to be (I hope I'm not alone here) I just can't (read don't want to) help myself but at $38.oo (though the quality seems to be there) it's a bit on the steep side for me to purchase just on a whim so I'll put a little away each week and eventually I'll have enough to get it.

What's your favorite unusual tool?


Brilliant re-interpretation of a traditional potato 'grate' – for harvesting potato crops without damage. The bar across the end of the tines prevents accidental stabbing while the tine's spacing and shape allows potatoes to be sifted from the soil.

If using to harvest potatoes grown in the ground it is recommended to first loosen the soil around the base of the plants.

Forged from stainless steel, with hardwood handle and leather hanging thong.

The The Lost Seed has a lot of other interesting stuff as well and it's well worth checking them out. THE LOST SEED LINK

Cheers and 'till next time happy tooling

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Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

I like that, last time I dug my spuds, I ended up putting a fork through some of them, very annoying.

Stewart said...

Hi Pip, I figure I won't need it until Nov/Dec so if I put a few dollars in a jar each week I'll have plenty saved up by then and shouldn't miss a few dollars here and there. Frustrating putting a fork through a spud though.

Anonymous said...

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