Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tucker time

Tucker time for the girls. The layer mash I buy is coated in molasses and there is black sunflower seeds (chicken lollies) in the mix which they go mad for.
A little fresh straw and away we go.

Popcorn anyone?

Riveting stuff hey? You can hear the traffic in the backgroung because we live a few houses from one of the busiest corners in Toowoomba.

The pecking order isn't hard to work out. The Isa browns, Bill(ie) and Ben(ita) seem to have control of the place even though they were introduced after the White Sussex, Shirlie and Anne Boleyn, who are second in order.
Then there is the random in-between supposed to be some kind of a bantam is third and then the, Andrews Sisters, three bantam Australthorps are last.

And this is what I get for all my trouble.
Two bantams are laying and it looks like the Isa Browns are laying.
I knew the White Sussex would be lazy layers which is why I got the others to pick up there slack, but I like the look of them.

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Cheers 'till next time,



Matron said...

Hence the origins of the phrase 'pecking order'. You can clearly see who has first dibs on the food.

Olive said...

Those Sussex hens are good looking birds Stewart.
We mix our own food for the chooks, it works out much cheaper in the long run. A sack of each type of grain and a sack of lucerne chaff and canunda shells will last a long time. Of course some are used more than the others, so next shopping day will be a little less expensive.

Jacqui said...

Hi Stewart! I love a chicken video - makes me smile to know I'm not the only one inclined to make them. Your Light Sussex girls are beauties...I hope they make up for their lack of eggs with their good looks - our Fluffy is the same. LOL at the 'chicken lollies' aint that the truth!! We're having an ongoing battle of our own making trying to get the girls to eat layer mash - they just won't have a bar of it. When I put it in a dish, they ignore it. Too many treats, clearly. Oh well, we'll get there! We usually just buy big bags of milo, black sunflower seeds, corn, but thought maybe it didn't have enough in it so trying the layer mash. Anyway, that's for making me smile this morning - I enjoyed my cuppa watching your girls (too wet outside to visit ours!)