Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chilli TIPS:

This is a blatant rip off direct from the "Chilli", facebook page, but the advise is simple, direct and concise so I decided to re-post it here for you to consider.


Chillis are grown as ornamental decorative plants and for their fruits, these can then be harvested when green, for some cuisines, or be left to ripen, mainly to red but some will turn orange, yellow or even chocolate brown depending on variety, this usually takes about another 2 to 3 weeks. Chillis will grow in similar condition...s to tomatoes although better results are achieved in higher temperatures and humidity. A better crop will be achieved by growing under glass, although they can be cultivated outdoors in sheltered sites with plenty of sun. Plan to grow your plants to give them a long season to ensure ripe fruits before the days shorten and cooler weather arrives, therefore sow in early Spring with a heated propagator, transplanting when all signs of the last frost has gone.

There you have it. A bit late for this season but good to get in early for next spring and get your chillie's going.




veggiegobbler said...

Thanks for that Stewart. I got some chilli seedlings from my neighbour and put them in way too late. But maybe they'll be OK.

Stewart said...

If you can keep the cold and frost away from them over winter then you'll have a good head start on next summer.

Missy said...

Thanks for the advice - I love growing chillis.