Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bloody grubs #2

Remember this grub eaten savoy cabbage I wrote about a short time ago? If not you can catch up here, Bloody grubs #1.

Well the next day I pulled off another thirteen grubs then five again the next then three and two and one and finally it has been grub free now for the last five days now.
And here it is freshly photographed this morning. Amazing the growth rate of a cabbage when it's not being eaten alive.

I'm really hanging out for this cabbage too, because now I have found a goodish recipe for coleslaw I can't wait to try it with my very own cabbage.

We had a big shower or very small rain event here last night so it's a wee bit on the wet side of things to be doing much in the veggie garden today. I am hoping for some drying weather today and then I can get stuck into a few veggie gardening jobs tomorrow.

Cheers and have a great veggie weekend,



jillko said...

Everything grows faster up your end of the world...

Stewart said...