Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Five planet Earths

Found this little fun fact today in a copy of the Australian Homespun magazine under the title of 'Homespun Curio' and it says....

We would need the resources of five planet Earths to sustain our current population if everyone around the globe lived like the average North American. If everyone lived like the average European, we'd need three Earths.
Unfortunately we only have one.

I'll leave you with that cheery thought and see you next time. Cheers



Megan said...

Stewart - here is my source for those statistics:

Megan Fisher
Technical Editor
Australian Homespun magazine

One step at a time in the Sub Tropics said...

No doubt about you Stewart. Always there to brighten the day LOL. Thanks for the interesting post.
Why are we not surprised though.