Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Harrietta Houdini

It would seem I've hit a serious speed bump with the veggie garden as you may have deducted by the dearth of posts recently.
It would seem too, that the speed bump is not all that big either but rather crafty instead.
It would also seem this small and rather inoculate but rather crafty speed bump has taken the shape of a small red hen (aka chook, aka Harrietta Houdini).
You see this little red hen has been escaping and wreaking havoc in the veggie garden for the last couple of weeks. And we just haven't been able to work out how she's been escaping and in the meantime all the damage she has caused has left me feeling defeated re the veggies. The casualty list is long and extensive I'm sorry to say.
We've cliped her wing and pluged up all the holes (or so we'd though so) and I was perplexed as to how she was getting out but then just the other day she had gotten out and made her mess but had somehow managed to put herself back into the chook pen (god only knows why she would do this), which got me thinking, ah hah, there has to be a hole big enough for you to get in and out of but I couldn't see it. .
So today I left feeding the chooks until late and as usual she was out again so I fed the chooks that were left in the pen and kept her out, knowing how much they love their sunflower seeds and whatda ya know, she climbed her way back into the pen through a hole that (is now fixed) I thought wasn't big enough for her to fit through.

And there you have it. And with some good luck and nice weather I'll get Sunday to myself and I'll be able to put my veggie garden back together again.

Cheers and happy gardening



Missy said...

They can be smarter than you think when it suits them.

greenfumb said...

There's always one isn't there. I had one that was getting under the wire, I had to lurk around for ages to find out how she did it, and a Silky that was so small she could fit under a gap in the door.

Hope you can get them all contained before spring.

Stewart said...

Hi Missy, yes I'll say.
Hi greenfumb, yes I thought they need a bit more of a gap than this one had but I think I've got her now.