Sunday, June 5, 2011

'Hey Presto' and Bobs your uncle

Oops' how naughty of me, I didn't get within a bulls roar of the veggie garden today and the coleslaw didn't get made either (I've got Tuesday penciled in for that).

You see I'd forgotten all about the annual flower garden that I'd told my darling wife I was going to plant out for us on Sunday. And so it was I had to forsake my beloved veggie garden for some flowers.

Not that I mind of course, seeing as it was my Grannies flower garden many, many years ago that got me started on all this gardening stuff in the first place.
 I've been preparing the soil for a few months now so today it was just a matter of slipping down to the plant nursery and picking up some punnets of Alyssum, Primulas, and Violas and a packet of Nemesia seeds. And then I just need to fluff up the soil bung in a few seedlings add some water and 'Hey Presto' and Bobs your uncle or instant garden.
 If everything goes alright I'll be able to post some super duper photos of a pretty flower garden come spring.

Cheers and happy gardening



Missy said...

Living in Toowoomba it would almost be compulsory to have Spring floweres, wouldn't it?

Stewart said...

Well yes and doubly so if you're a keen gardener.