Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Inside the back page

 Hi, if you live outside the east coast of Australia this will probably mean nothing to you but to me it's absolutely hilarious.

I just had to laugh.

Inside the back page of today's Courier Mail it asks, Q: Will the Maroons win State of Origin II?

Then poor deluded Gauci from Redcliffe replies with 'No', and goes on to say, "Please, we should have won the first (but you didn't *giggle giggle*) game. The Maroons are a bunch of old has beens (*snicker snicker*, can you have young has beens? I suppose!! Thinking the Blues here)." He then goes on to say, "The Blues to win the series and for the next five years or so (and this is where I fell off my chair pmsl)."



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Anonymous said...

They are a strange mob south of the border. Don't know if i should pitty them or laugh at them. (The worker from Missys Garden)