Sunday, August 28, 2011

What an absolutely fabulous day

What an absolutely fabulous day I had today. It started like any other day when I was up at five to start work at six but when I got to the cab I couldn't find the keys ( why I need keys for a cab on a Sunday is another story) and considering I had the same problem last Sunday I developed some attitude and had a dummy spit at the same time and said stuff it, turned around and went back home. Ok I thought to myself what am I going to do with a day of unplanned time on my hands.

Well with all the buzz on the Aussie movie Red Dog I thought that was a must, plus I had a library book to return. So with plenty of time up my sleeve I set of to town on foot enjoying the early Spring day. Library book dropped off and I still had plenty of time so I dropped into my favorite coffee shop for a coffee (what else of-course) and a ham and cheese croissant.
Off to the cinema, purchase ticket, sit down and laugh and cry and laugh and cry and laugh and cry my way through the next hour and a half. Three thumbs for Red Dog the movie.

Still a beautiful spring day so a slow stroll home and out with the mower (some good rain yesterday so it needed a trim)  for the footpath and driveway and a good weed for the flower bed out front.

Still a beautiful day so it was tomato seed planting time, a bit of potting mix, some seed raising mix, a few seeds and just add water.

Finished the day weeding with the radio on listening to the Broncos beating the Bunnies 22 -10.

And now I'm here typing




kate said...

gotta love sunshiny sundays in the garden!

Olive said...

I loved that movie too Stewart. My husband has worked in Dampier and says it very true to how it looks even the caravan park......but did you know that quite a lot of the filming was done in South Australia? The caravan Park scenes were filmed at Middleton on the Fluerieu Peninsula. They had to truck in tons of red sand to make it look authentic..

Stewart said...

You're dead right there Kate.

Olive I'd heard a bit about that. Did you hear that mad max was moved from Broken Hill because it was too green.