Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Apple and rhubarb sponge pudding

Apple and rhubarb sponge pudding
 I made it. The very first harvest of my Rhubarb went into making my very first effort at Apple and rhubarb sponge pudding and while it wasn't a photo perfect finish it still tasted divine. There's plenty left so I'm thinking some custard with it for desert tomorrow night.
I also managed to pickle some eggs. I've never tried them before so I have no idea what to expect but in the latest copy of Grass Roots Magazine there was a recipe for pickled eggs and I had a few getting a bit old. So I'm thinking nothing ventured nothing gained. If they turn out alright I can take a couple to work for lunch or somkeo.

If you want to give them a go I can post the recipe or you can pick up your own copy of Grass Roots Magazine

Plenty of other stuff went on today but I'm getting way to tired to go on about it tonight.

I did post a few updates on my new My Veggie Garden facebook page through out the day, so you can pop over there and see what I got up to today. There is a nice photo of my newest toy that I put to some good use today.

Cheers for now


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