Sunday, October 16, 2011

The colour purple

According to the Sunday Mail newspaper here in Queensland and US researches it seems that 'Health conscious cooks could be serving up a new 'super-food' - the purple potato.'

They (the Sunday Mail) go on to say that 'When cooked without fat, it had been proved to reduce blood pressure and doesn't even make you put on weight.'

'The deep colour of the Purple Majesty variety comes from the same compounds found in blueberries, red cabbage and aubergines.'

The 'US researches found that when eaten by overweight patients with high blood pressure, it was as effective as rolled oats in lowering their reading. The study may help resurrect the reputation of the potato, seen by dieters as a food to avoid.'

Cheers and plant some purple tatties



bookworm said...

I wonder if these potatoes are higher in potassium than most, and that is why they have the effect on blood pressure. We grew these when we lived in Kansas (United States) over 30 years ago. We can buy what we call blue potatoes here in many farmers' markets. Have you ever had purple sweet potatoes?

Stewart said...

Hi Bookworm, I've seen the purple sweet potato but have never purchased any. I have the smaller purple Congo potato growing here but I going to see if I can find any other purple variety to plant.