Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hi there

Backyard rabble
Hi there, it sure has been some time since my last post and I feel I should put up some sort of an explanation for those of you whom (I so hope that's right, I hate who and whom) are regular readers of my veggie garden blog.

Some of you will be aware that I have Ulcerative Colitis. I don't talk about it (UC) much because I don't see there is much to talk about but the reason I am mentioning it here is that it does cause me long periods of poor health, including needing to sleep alot, a lack of energy, along with a few other things which takes some time to get over.  Top this off with a poor immune system and I get every cough and cold going around and this is basically why you haven't heard from me for so long. I've hardly pulled a weed or planted a seed for over a month now and it's frustrating the heck out of me but there seems little I can do about it for now. I have a few options in front of me, none of which I like.

At the moment though the sun is shining and it is an absolutely beautiful day, but I know if I go and do any work in the veggie garden I'll regret it tomorrow when I need to be as good as I can for my "real" job.

I'm thinking I can post a few 'things to do in the veggie garden'  or 'what to plant when' stories just to keep things ticking over and would appreciate your feed back on this idea.

Cheers for now and I wish you all great health



kate said...

I hope you get to play in your garden soon, there is no better therapy.

Stewart said...

Thanks Kate, I hope so too.

Missy said...

Hope your feeling better soon so you can get back out there.