Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hi, how have you bean?

I had a few minutes spare on Tuesday and this is what I ended up doing. I wish it was as easy as it looks. It's like the weeds were just jumping into my hand.

I stopped into the nursery on the way home today (Sunday) and picked up a few punnets of seedlings while I was there. It seems now that I'm driving the Taxi of a daytime I can't care all that well for seeds that I've planted. Big seeds like beans and corn should be OK but the little seeds like lettuce and carrots that are planted close to the surface tend to dry out.

Anyway I bought some Leek, spring onion, cabbage and lettuce seedlings to plant tomorrow. I also picked up a packet of rocket seeds (I know, I just said I wasn't going to do that) and I'll try them in a protected spot where they wont dry out as much and see how I go. I know they sprout quite readily so fingers crossed.

I'm promised fine weather for the next two days that I have free to myself to play, plant and weed in the garden and I'm so looking forward to getting plenty of work completed.

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