Monday, August 19, 2013

Chook Misadventures

Woke up to a nice, and surprising, 31mm in the rain gauge Sunday morning, went about my business for the day, weeding, planting feeding the chooks (and this is where the problem begins). Had a good day and was feeling pretty good about myself.

Woke up early Monday morning to go up and feed the chooks (chickens) and I can't believe my eyes.
Chooks having and absolute ball scratching up all the good work I'd managed to achive over th last week.
Very nearly chicken soup for dinner and then when I went to put them away I discovered the culprit aiding their escape. Me, yep good ol' me hadn't tied up the gate to the chook pen and the wind overnight had blown the gates and allowed the chooks to escape.

It's all a game of snakes and ladders sometimes but I'll just have keep rolling the dice until I land on another ladder.



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