Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tomato cuttings.

I do this every year. I usually pinch my lateral shoots out early when they are small but I'll let one grow to about six or seven inches long and Bobs your uncle you have a new tomato plant.

 I buy one tomato plant and then every three or four weeks I plant a cutting and I've got tomatoes all season. And it's as easy as it looks. I even just stick the cutting straight into the ground where I want it to grow.

Big thanks to Mr. Brown Thumb for making this video and he also has an excellent blog you might want to visit by clicking this link. Mr Brown Thumb's blog link.


Jason Dingley said...

That's a great cost saving idea. You mention you plant a cutting every 3-4 weeks, do the cutting still end up fruiting at the same time or is each one delayed by 3-4 weeks - extending your total harvest period?

Stewart said...

No, the fruiting of each plant is 3-4 weeks behind each other Jason. This is enough tomatoes for me and keeps me supplied all season long.

Stewart said...

If you want more tomatoes at the same time then you'd need to plant more cuttings at the same time.