Monday, October 7, 2013

Here's the story

Here's the story as it appeared in Saturday's Chronicle newspaper on page 15. It was a full two page spread along with a story about another local veggie gardener.

As for the veggie garden itself we've been super busy mulching and watering. You'd swear it was Summer here and not Spring. Days regularly up to 30 or above usually accompanied with hot dry winds.

All the seeds I've planted have sprouted, this included the Sunflowers, Watermelon, Lettuce, Carrots, Beetroot and Cucumber.

I've also planted struck cuttings of Roma Tomato along with some Basil and Chives seedlings I purchased.

I also planted the Chilli seedlings I'd been growing on in pots. Um, what else, oh yeah, Zucchini, Climbing Bean and Spring Onion seeds have also been planted.

I'm still working on the Sweet Corn bed with some more needed on it tomorrow with planting to come this weekend.

That's about it for now, cheers,


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creations.1 said...

Congrats on the article - it is great. Everywhere I read or look everyone is busy busy busy in their gardens. It must be Spring time!!!lol