Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Amazing bean seeds, pt 2.

   Back in March, I reported that I'd managed to save five seeds from a particularly tasty bush bean and that I'd also managed to get them to germinate.

   Sadly I lost one seedling but four continued on to full-sized plants and you can see the results in the photo.

   Should be more than enough seeds for the upcoming growing season.

   Looking forward to tasting the beans again and see if they remain as tasty as the original.

Link to the original story.
Amazing bean seeds.


Matron said...

Which variety are they?

Stewart Dorman said...

That was the problem, Matron. I'd planted several varieties and didn't label them, therefore I needed to grow these last four seeds out to produce enough seed so I would have seed for the next season.

If they keep up the good taste I'll see if I can grow enough seeds to sell.