Friday, September 26, 2008

Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes

Easy as one two three.

One, tatties need hilling.

Two, add extra tyre.

Three, add Compost aged horse stable manure and a handfull of blood and bone and away we go.

Top it off with a little sugar cane mulch and where done.

These are the King Edward potatoes I planted on the 29th of August.
They are growing better than the Pink Eye, but I think that is because the Kings were planted whole while the Pink Eye were cut into pieces.

I back filled the trench they are growing in a little and the soil is about at ground level. The next time I will need to draw soil up to them in order to hill them, but for now so for so good.

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Anonymous said...

Those spuds are looking great! mine are starting to peek through the straw enough to hill today too.

They always taste FAR b etter than the store brought ones!