Monday, November 17, 2008

Cab 11

Well it's a drizzly rainy day here today so not much gardening happening although every thing is growing really well.
Got to be happy about that :-)

As seen as it's raining and there is no gardening happening I'm thinking I'd like to introduce to you to the Taxi I drive here in Toowoomba

It's a Toyota Prius which, if your interested, you can find out all about on the Toyota Website.

It is a funky car to get around in and fun to drive and the savings on fuel are phenomenal.

Now with half the population running scared and hiding their money under the mattress due to the world economic crisis I'm finding it a little harder than usual to find customers, so if you find yourself in Toowoomba and need a cab then by all means look me up.
You can't ask for me by cab number but if you contact me through this blog I'll make sure you get a phone number you can use to call me direct.


The Old Dairy said...

If you ever see a crazy woman driving a silver Tarago waving madly.....well that will be me...

Stewart said...

lol, OK

Anonymous said...

If things are a bit quiet on the work front you could sure learn a thing or two about drumming up business from the Tuk Tuk drivers over here. Very persistent, definitely not passive, very friendly, right there when you walk out the door ( ANY door), 24hrs a day. "tuk tuk Madam? Where you going? I take you. Very good price, just for you."

Deb (currently in Cambodia)