Friday, November 28, 2008

Tattie Tyre update final.

What can I say, they were disappointing at best, my expectations were for a good sized crop of Kipfler potatoes or better only to harvest a crop of small undeveloped tubers.

In comparison Neville (my mums hubby and avid veggie grower) had some Kipfler tubers planted in the ground and his results were more along the lines of what I expected.

That's the second time I've tried tattie tyres with poor results so from here on I'll just use them for making compost.


Darren said...

How disappointing. I've been carefully digging around mine (planted in a raised bed) and they seem to be developing OK, but I'm not sure when to dig them up. The vines seem to be dying back a little now, so if that continues I guess it's time to hack them back and dig.

Hehe, from your photo I thought you were going to say that an animal dug up your potatoes and ate them, and left a present on your table!

daisymum7 said...

See potatoes in tyhres is about all I can grow....Maybe kipflers don't like the tyres haven't tried them, will let you know how my dutch creams come our in a few weeks.

PS; the bonues potatoes I put in the gorund haven't even appeared so thinking that was a dead loss.


The Old Dairy said...

I don't know Stewart you'll get 1 meal out of them at least, granted it will be small. lol
Sorry bad humor.......
Like Darren said how do you know when they are ready to dig up?

Stewart said...

Hi Darren and Mandy
Spuds are ready anytime after flowering, but are mature when all or most of the foliage has died down.
The earlier you lift them then the less developed they'll be and conversely the longer you leave them the bigger and more storable they'll be.
'Bandicooting' is a term used to describe digging(with your hand)around the base of a plant and picking a few young spuds without lifting the whole plant.
Yes when I took the photo I was thinking the same thing.
How deep and how long ago did you plant your spuds? They can take up to 4 weeks or more to get going, but then again you have had a huge amount of rain an they might have rotted.It dosen't hurt to have a scratch around to satisfy your curiosity.
About that meal, I boiled them up and covered them in sour cream and garlic chives(fresh from the garden)along with local BBQ beef sausages covered in fried onion(fresh from the garden).
I think my life is now complete.

greenfumb said...

hi Stewart,

I've never had much luck with tyres either and I have since read that they are toxic anyway. I have a couple of potato cages on the go at the moment and they seem to be doing very well, no harvest as yet but I'm hopeful of a bumper crop. There's a good explanation of how do it on the Gardening Australia site.

Lucky1 said...

I have read that tyres used to grow spuds will not work good in some areas. Maybe the tubers became too hot??????

Happy with mine, grown in soil under straw.

Stewart said...

Hi greenfumb, thanks for the tip I'll be trying a couple next year and see how I go.
Hi Lucky1, the tatties I have in the soil are going greatsky so I've no probs there.