Monday, December 29, 2008

Post Christmas Post. 2.

Boxing Day
Mid morning munchies don't come any better than freshly picked and cooked corn.

Just out of the husk

Just out of the pot. Was hoping to capture the steam coming off the corn but it's nice and hot just ready for the butter.

These are just a collection of tomato's I'm picking atm.
The yellow is the Beams Yellow I planted way back in Sepetember and is still growing and producing.

The medium red cherry toms are the Tiny Toms planted about the same time and if you are stuck for space then I highly recommend these guys. They would definitely do well as a potted plant.

The teeny weeny little red toms are just a self sown cherry tom but taste just as great.


Cabbage Heart said...

I have a couple of self sown toms too, taste is pretty good, amazing considering they thrive on neglect isnt it!

Stewart said...

They have had little help from me but do taste great.

Lynda said...

Your fresh produce looks delicious, nothing beats produce you can grow yourself. Wishing you a wonderful & happy New Year !
Lynda, Kilimanjaro, East Africa

Peggy said...

You had a very colourfull and appetising looking harvest there! I have just been drooling over the photos,nothing to harvest here except winter greens!

Deb Halls said...

Photography Tip #1
If you want to see steam in a photo, use a very dark background.

Tip #2
Always check your lens for dust and fingerprints. Clean carefully with a soft cloth that you would clean your sunnies with. No, not a tissue. Too abrasive!

Stewart said...

Thanks Lynda, I'm with you there on the veggie front and a happy new year to you and all your family and friends at the foothills of Kilimanjaro.
P.S. Don't know if you follow the cricket up your way but South Africa is giving us a decent hiding atm.

Hi Peggy, I guess you'll be super inspired when it comes around to your turn in Spring.

Dear Deb, do you have a tip#3 for keeping 15yo daughters from leaving the house with your own camera?

Stewart said...

P.S. Deb, When do I get a link on your blog?

Deb Halls said...

Haha. The only way I got around that was to give her the camera and buy myself a better one.
Start saving!

Deb Halls said...

PS. You have your link.

Stewart said...

Deb, I'm already looking for my next camera and you might want to check the spelling on my link.

Deb Halls said...

Yeah, just noticed that typo. Haha. I need to start wearing my glasses more often. Bugger this aging process.

Anonymous said...