Saturday, February 14, 2009

The life and times of Cauliflower, 'Violet Sicilian' and Broccoli, 'Romanesco'.

Here I'll be presenting weekly updates about the growing, from their very beginning (seed), to their delicious end, of my two (hopefully) 'STAR', performers.

Presenting to you for the first time, from the mild temperate climes of suburban Toowoomba, Cauliflower, 'Violet Sicilian', and Broccoli ,'Romanesco'.

I've grown Caulies and Brocs before but not these varieties, but I've had Cosmic Garden give them the big thumbs up

As you can see in the photo it all started on the 8th of Feb 2009.

I planted them in 50mm tubestock pots using a local organic potting mix.

I find this (local organic potting mix)
a little low in nutrients therefore I'll also be watering them weekly with a half strength fish emulsion solution.

Soil preparation has already begun with lime, copious amounts of compost and fresh stable horse manure being added and turned into the soil. We've just had 25mm of rain on this so it should turn up really nice come planting time in 3 or 4 weeks time.

I'll be back out this coming Monday to record their progress.

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Scarecrow said...

I shall watch this space carefully...I'm growing those same varieties over here. Shall be interesting to see how they compare.

Stewart said...
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Stewart said...

Hi Scarecrow, Have you started planting any seed yet?

Scarecrow said...

I did plant some seeds way back in January...but with all the heat we've had they haven't done a lot at all. They aren't dead yet though!
I like to plant my autumn brassicas quite early in the year to give them a chance to get some growth on before our frosts arrive in April.
Unfortunately early here means planting them in HOT weather. I can always plant some more if I need to.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you'll be disapointed. I've set seeds for the same - Romanesco will amaze you!