Thursday, February 26, 2009

A little light relief #2

I'm feeling a little down and unmotivated today.

So I need a giggle and after baked beans on toast for breakfast this popped into my head.

Hope you like it.

The 70's were fun, everything seems so serious nowadays (maybe that's just a reflection of how I'm feeling).

Wikipedia even have a bio of the band here

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nevyn said...

You've got to love the 70's.

I'm not sure which was scarier, the video or the fact that I remember Mother Goose.

Stewart said...

Hi nevyn,
I hope I haven't caused you any permanent damage, but I believe I've I may have 'bean' scared for life ;-)
The 70's were a strange and scary place to grow up in. That came out in 77 so I was a impressionable 16 yo at the time. Any wonder I don't take much seriously.