Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Carrots, you know you want one.

Happy Easter everyone.

Time to hop on down and get your freshly grown Easter Carrots.

Go on, you know you want one, far better than all those chocolates eggs your going to eat.

Carrots Nutrition Facts

  • Carrots are an important vegetable, and although they were known to the ancient Greeks and Romans, they were not introduced to Europe until the Middle Ages.

  • The orange-colored taproot of the carrot contains a high concentration of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is a substance that is converted to vitamin A in the human body. A 1/2 cup serving of cooked carrots contains four times the recommended daily intake of vitamin A in the form of protective beta-carotene.

  • Beta-carotene is also a powerful antioxidant effective in fighting against some forms of cancer, especially lung cancer. Current research suggests that it may also protect against stroke, and heart disease. Research also shows that the beta-carotene in vegetables supplies this protection, not vitamin supplements.

  • Carrots are also a very good source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, folate and manganese, and a good source of vitamin B6, pantothenic acid, iron, potassium and copper.

  • Carrots can be eaten raw or cooked, but to obtain maximum benefit it is best to eat them raw.


Tesa said...

Now I'll definately eat more carrots...I love to grow them but usually end up giving most of them away..No more!!

greenfumb said...

I find them so hard to grow but I will continue to try now that you've told me all that.

Our bunnies love the tops too.

Stewart said...

Hi Teas, they certainly have a lot going for them.

Hi Greenthumb, have you experimented with different varieties, planting times,or even planting in tubs?
I hope your luck growing carrots takes a turn for the better, they are a lot of fun to just go out and pick what you want.

Anonymous said...