Friday, April 3, 2009

My recalcitrant ways

Regular readers would have read about me banging on about how I tried to cut some corners and use potting mix instead of a good quality seed raising mix (SRM) when it comes to planting seeds.

So here is why.

The four seedlings on the right of photo (click on photo to enlarge) were planted in potting mix on the 2/2/09.

The good looking ones one the left were planted in a good SRM on the 13/2/09. The photo was taken on 5/4/09

Obviously using a good SRM will save you time because you'll get them in the ground sooner and once in the ground they respond quicker.

There may also be a taste advantage because quickly grown veggies usually have a superior flavour, where as slow or stunted veggies can go bitter.

So there you have have it, don't be a cheap skate like me, although I have mended my recalcitrant ways, at least in this area anyway.


Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Hi Stewart but what is the difference. What does the SRM contains? Is it a sterile mixture without fertilizer?

Have a great weekend / Tyra

Daphne said...

Yes do tell. I'd love to know the difference in the mixes.

theconservativegardener said...

Stewart- Really? Hhmm. I didn't think it made a difference. I'll have to investigate....thanks!

Stewart said...

I hear you. I'll put up more specific info in the next couple of day and thanks for the feedback.

littleecofootprints said...

Looking forward to more info. I never seem to be able to get seed raising mix in any gardening or hardware stores near here. I ended up making a mix from sand, compost (sieved) and shaved styrofoam. Seems to have worked just as well as expensive seed raising mixes i have bought in the past.

Anna said...

Wow. Never thought SRM made that much difference. Next trip to Mitre 10 will involve SRM purchase.

Stewart said...

Yep, surprised me too, Anna.
Fwiw, I used Searles SRM

littlefarminthecity said...

What a great test Stewart. I have had simular results in the past to using potting mix. It is also fun to compare different types of potting mixes to each other too. With them you get what you pay for.
Can't wait to see the follow up info