Sunday, April 12, 2009

Organic systems producing higher yields

Press release from Organic Federation of Australia.
From the desk of:
Andre Leu, Chairman

Four recent credible studies show organic systems producing higher yields

"Best practice organic agriculture can get better yields than conventional agriculture. Four recent credible studies show organic systems producing higher yields, particularly in the drier years that are predicted to increase with climate change." stated Andre Leu, Chair of the Organic Federation of Australia.
  • United Nations Study - organic agriculture increased yields by 116%
    The report by the United National Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) found that organic agriculture increases yields in Africa. '...the average crop yield was ... 116 per cent increase for all African projects and 128 per cent increase for the projects in East Africa.' Read more.

  • The Wisconsin Integrated Cropping Systems Trials.
    The Wisconsin Integrated Cropping Systems Trials found that organic yields were higher in drought years and the same as conventional in normal weather years. Read more.

  • Scientific Review by Cornell University into 22 year-long Rodale Field Study
    The scientific review found:
    • 1. The improved soil allowed the organic land to generate yields equal to or greater than the conventional crops after five years. Read More

  • US Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Pecan Trial
    • The ARS organically managed Pecans out yielded the conventionally managed, chemically ferilized orchard in each of the past five years Read more

      The Organic Federation of Australia is the peak body and the largest representative organic organisation in Australia. For further information please visit


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