Monday, April 6, 2009

Strawberry upgrade.

Strawberry upgrade.

Time for me to upgrade my favorite strawberry into a larger pot so I can get more favorite strawberries to eat.

SOS (Secrets of Success) = Good quality potting mix.

How to tell how much potting mix you need in the bottom of your new pot.
Simply put how much you think you need in the bottom of your new pot then stand the old pot in to measure the height to your satisfaction.

Job done. It'll probably send out some runners now which I'll need to keep trimmed.

I'll also plant a few of the runners so as to keep up a three year rotation of plants.

This one is just starting it's second year so I've still got two years of strawberry eating from this pot yet.

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Anonymous said...

I had the most wonderful Strawberry patch. Can't find it for the weeds. HHMM maybe I should have a Strawberry plant hunt instead of the Easter egg hunt. Using Easter eggs as a reward.
But they must clear all the weeds from around the plants before they get their reward.
Now that sounds like a plan