Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Slow Drive

Hi all,
I've just finished two in a row of day shifts in the taxi (I usually drive nights) which pretty much drives me nuts. Trying to negotiate the traffic and the loopy drivers around here and then there's driving in the city with all its reflective sunny glare. It's also been fairly humid here as well which makes sitting in a taxi less than comfortable.
Arrggghhh, just give me the nights.

Anyhow the only good thing to come out of driving today was hearing on my local ABC radio about The Slow Drive.

Now I know there is no veggie news, but you got to love these guys sense of adventure.

So what's it all about. Below is a brief description from The Slow Drive blog where you can go to get the full run down of what is going to happen.

My name is Brett Pollock; I’m a pastoralist from Wooleen Station in the Murchison, Western Australia. I’ve decided to revive the connection between Wooleen and the Model A Ford. Wooleen purchased its first Model A in 1928 and eventually owned three. When the last car became too old to drive its back was turned into a tray for working.

I’ve bought a 1930 Model A in Gladstone, Queensland and intend driving it back to Perth starting on Anzac Day, 25/4/2009 via this route.

The trip is 4700 kilometers through outback regions.

They plan to visit as many towns as possible and raise funds for the Royal Flying Doctor Service ‘Flying 1000′ project. Funds go towards medically equipping RFDS aircraft.

Anyhow I hope you find this interesting and if inspired you could make a donation to the Royal Flying Doctor Service

Bye for now

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Brian Goddard said...

Hello Brett and team,

Best wishes for a trouble free trip. When do you expect to arrive in Merredin?

Brian Goddard