Monday, June 15, 2009

Easy as 1,2,3.

Well we finally have eggs.

And if you had your money on my Light Sussex laying first then I'm afraid you've done your dosh.

That's right, the scummy Isa Browns (at least one of them did) won the race to be the first to lay eggs.

Oh well at least some of the money I'm outlaying on food is getting turned into something other than Chicken energy and manure.

Cheers for now and happy Chickening and eggening,


Olive said...

What did I tell you ? !!!!

greenfumb said...

I'm sure the names made all the difference. Bet they tasted good anyway.

Jacqui said...

ah least you finally got some. That's why they breed Isa's after all (and why I got a Rhode Island Red last time. So what was it? Boiled, scrambled or sunny side up?

Stewart said...

We still have store bought eggs.
But scrambles with some diced onion, ham and a couple of handful's of spinach thrown in sounds about right.