Friday, June 5, 2009

One from Five

Sorry in advance, but round these parts there is only one kind of footy and that's Rugby League.

Just for the fun of it I thought I'd post my ABC Grandstand
NRL Footy Tipping picks for the week and see how I go.

Your welcome to join in through comments or bag the crap out of me for supporting NRL, as long as it's all in good fun.

I can't believe it one from five.

Reminds my when my Dad was having a go at me as a kid for not getting something right he would say "you couldn't hit the side of a barn with a hand full of rice or you couldn't hit a bull on it's bum with it's own tail", and another one was, "you couldn't run out of sight on a dark night", (those were the days) or, "useless as tits on a bull", (your getting the idea by now I suppose) and after picking 1 from 5 I'm feeling that at the moment.

I really thought this would be fun , but I'm finding it as hard as hell and frustrating.

Oh well here I go again, which reminds (the here I go again part) of my time when I was in Mackay during my 20's. YouTube Whitesnake 'Here I go again'.

Wests Tigers vs. Panthers .... Tigers

Storm vs. Broncos ............ Broncos

Sea Eagles vs. Roosters....... Sea Eagles

Cowboys vs. Rabbitohs ........ Cowboys

Sharks vs. NZ Warriors ....... NZ Worriors

Knights vs. Eels ............. Knights

Titans vs. Dragons ........... Titans

I'm currently ranked 1202 out of 3302 tippers on the ABC Grandstand AFL & NRL Footy Tipping

Wk. one. 135 out of 2211
Wk. two. 220 out of 2531
Wk. three. 893 out of 2945
Wk. four. 1970 out of 3113
Wk. five. 2016 out of 3179
Wk. six. 1594 out of 3216
Wk. seven. 1550 out of 3232
Wk. eight. 1635 out of 3252
Wk. nine. 1391 out of 3266
Wk. ten. 1234 out of 3275
Wk. eleven. 1024 out of 3293
Wk. twelve 1202 out of 3302

Happy footy tipping


Susan said...

I managed 2 from 5 last week. It must have been a funny week though as the comp average was only 2.2. Have picked Storm and Sharks differently from you this week. No logic there really. Nice win for the Maroons but I thought the margin would be greater. Maybe the age and experience wasn't as great an advantage as I thought it might be.

Stewart said...

None from 2 so far, not a great start to the weekend.