Saturday, September 5, 2009

S is for surprise

As regular readers might know I have a healthy disrespect for the weather bureau's ability to reliably predict up coming rain events and so it was when most of last week they were predicting some thundery rain or showers for Friday.

I continued on my merry way not expecting anything more than a 2 to 5 ml shower if lucky. Which is how last night started out. A flash in the pan a bit of spit and drizzle but to my surprise it went on with it and rained, stormed and showered all night.

Officially, at the airport, where our official weather recording station is, BoM measured 18.8 ml.
Officially, in my backyard, where I officially measure my official rainfall I measured 28mls.

With my new maths skills I make officially make that a 67.14% windfall over the airport's officially official weather recording.

How much are the potatoes Neville and I planted (see P is for Potato) on Wednesday going to love that?

So now I have the day off from watering I guess that leaves me some reading on arguments for and against Welfare system reform in Australia for my Assignment 2 Part B.

Wishing you all well at your place,

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Peggy said...

Hi Stewart, I answered yes to all of your gardening addict quiz!The Good Lord sends rain so gardeners can catch up with the housework!

Jacqui said...

L is for laughing and y is for yes, the spuds will love it and g is for good luck with your assignments

Stewart said...

Hi Peggy, in my case that's assignments.I always new you'd be a addict!!!

Hi Jacqui Thank-you!!

Linda said...

Our weather is at the airport too, and it is always cooler in summer there I think.

I watched Gomer Pile on Austar a couple of weeks ago, still funny. And I love Mr. Potato Head!